8 Ways How Blogging Helps Your Business

Nowadays blogging has become an essential part of the business. Blogging helps your business to stand out among the competitors by maintaining its presence online. This helps you to get audiences for your website. Thus, without any doubt, you can be sure that in this age of digital marketing, blogging is a crucial factor for your business. Your business will not grow in air. Your relationship with the target audience, competitors and its ranking in the search engine will help your business to grow. Thus, let us see how your business gets benefited by blogging.

It is been proved that blogging helps in business

It is being statistically proven that blogging helps in growing your business. Several surveys and studies have shown that why blogging is important for business. Blogs attract the prospective customers towards your website. This is a positive sign for your business. Business which are blog oriented, generate more leads compared to those businesses which are not blog-oriented. In fact, in some situations, blogs have been proved to be more effective for your business that advertisements. Blogging helps the clients to find your business website more easily.

Blogging completes your business

There are many companies which provide an almost similar type of services. However, you must be aware that tow companies can never be similar. There must be some difference between the two companies. In fact, you must provide some unique service to your clients to stand out from the rest. Blogging provides information related to the services that you provide to your clients. Thus, clients get to know more about your business through blogs. Clients can distinguish between your business and your competitors by reading the blogs of your business. You can even compete with other big companies with the use of blogs. Thus, a blog can help you to be known to your target audience.

Blogs help you to communicate with your clients

A blog which is related to your business helps you to interact and communicate with your clients. Blogs help to build a relationship with your clients. Your business blog helps you to present your content to your clients in a casual and less formal way. You can communicate with your clients through the comment section of the blogs. This will help to know about the viewpoint of your clients. Thus, you can also be able to improve your business and provide the clients with better services.

Improve SEO with the help of blogs

Blogs can help you to increase the search engine rank of your business. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process which consists of different activities which help in increasing the rank of your website. Blogs gradually help you to increase the ranking of your website in Google Search. As you produce more and more new contents through blogging, your website will be visited more frequently by the clients. Thus, this increases the ranking of your website.

Blog helps you to know your audience better

Blogs help you to more about your target audience. The blogs that are published on your website are read by the clients. In fact, your blogs can attract more audience towards your website. The comments and reviews of the target audience of your website can help you to know what they want and what they think about your website.

Blogging helps you to improve your business

When you are writing a blog for your business, you need to learn more about the service and industry which is related to your business. The more you learn about the industry and services, you tend to improve on your own. Your constant aim to thrive better helps your clients to have trust in you. This in a way helps your business to grow in a better way.

Social media content can be received from blogs

It is suggested that you post your blogs on the social media platform. This helps your blogs to have more views. People nowadays are very much active on the Social media platforms. Thus, when you share your blogs on the social media platform more audiences will read your blogs. In fact, your social media profile will also remain active and there will be enough content on the social media platform.

Blogs generate leads

You get a lot of blogging platforms which help you with the layout of the blogs. These platforms help you to rank high in the Google search. The page where your blogs are published has sidebars. These sidebars help you to download eBooks and get the free consultation. Thus, blogs provide you with various opportunities and also help you to generate leads.

Blogging is a simple way to improve your business. Blogs help you to stand out from the crowd and also help you to draw more audience towards your website.

How Startups Can Benefit From Video Marketing & How To Do It

Videos easier to grasp and create a long-lasting impression on the viewer. Memories of television ads back from the 90s are still fresh in our minds. No wonder, many startups are opting for video marketing strategies for their brands. If you haven’t opted for any form of video marketing, go through this article, and you’ll get a fair idea why it would be a good option.

Video marketing simply means using videos to market your product. These may not necessarily be video ads, but also take other forms, like product videos, tutorials, product unboxing videos, customer review videos etc. There are many advantages which a video marketing campaign has over other forms of content marketing :

Draws more attention: A 3-4 minute video, containing the same information as a 300-400 word blog post, will definitely create a better impact on the audience. Watching a video is a passive activity, requiring much less effort and concentration than say reading. Internet users today have a very short attention span and will go for a video more readily than opening up a long post.

More Effective: A video allows you to be more creative, and target your audience in a better way. Chances are that you have seen the Samsung India 4 minute Ad film, which revolves around visually challenged persons. This emotional, unconventional and has over 150 million views on Youtube. Video advertisements can be made emotional, educational or entertaining, and directly appeal to the viewer.

Improving SEO rankings: As per statistics, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. It helps you rank significantly higher than what textual or image content can.

Now, what are the marketing platforms and how to start with video marketing?

Step 1: Creating the Video

You do not need to spend a bomb on creating your video content. Today, you can get many freelancers from Fiverr or similar sites,  who will curate your video content. You can also look for content creators on YouTube and VIne, who will take care of the entire process of scripting, casting and storytelling. If feasible, you can make your videos from your own place and use your own tools.

Step 2: Platforms

There are numerous video sharing and distribution sites, where you can publish your content. These also offer paid promotions to boost your content. You can also directly go for a video ad on these platforms. YouTube is undoubtedly leading the lot. It has over a billion users, which is almost one-third of total internet users.
Other than that, you can opt for micro-video sharing websites like Vine, Snapchat, Instagram and Dubsmash as well. If your target population is the youth, you can definitely go to these sites. However, they might have different formats and it might be challenging to limit your video within these time limits. Other than that, you can always opt for Facebook, for sharing your video content or posting it as an ad.

Step 3: Marketing

Uploading your video, and hoping for it to become viral will never work. Being a Startup, you may not be able to partner with big brand partnerships, but you could always approach bloggers, friends and other young entrepreneurs like you, who would be willing to promote your content.

These are the basics of Video marketing. Of course, there needs to be a lot of thought to be put into what actually goes into your video. Your content needs to be creative, entertaining and the right length. It need not always be promotional content but can be something related to your brand.

Having said that, launching a video marketing strategy for the first time is not an easy task, but provided you have packed in a bunch of entertainment or information, you will surely attract viewers, and direct traffic to your site.

Cheat Sheet to Create Effective Blog Content

If you are a small scale business venture or a startup in 2017 looking to make it big, you should definitely focus on writing quality content. Though paid promotions on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube have become a popular, viable option for startups, creating effective blog posts can also increase ROI, in the long run.

Having a blog for your website can actually be very effective for your business.

  • It increases the visibility of your website by directing traffic towards it.
  • Customers can connect with you through your blog, which strengthens their ties with your venture.
  • It helps you rank higher in SERPs if you have fresh, SEO optimized quality content.
  • It helps build good brand image and shows that you have sound knowledge of what you are doing.

Having a blog can prove to be effective for your business, only if you ensure that quality content is being published. Usually, startups focus most their resources on advertising across social media channels and devote very little time and effort to creating quality blog posts. The content needs to be exciting, engrossing and something which keeps the reader waiting for the next post. If you are maintaining a blog, or writing guest blog posts, and would like to increase the readership, consider the following tips below.

  • Write relevant content: If you are maintaining a blog for your business venture, it is important to write content relevant to your product. Remember, your blog is a means to increase consumer base for your company, and convert them to leads. Hence you should focus on topics which would target the right audience for your venture.
  • Do not use excessive flowery language: Unless you are writing for a literary venture do not use excessively elaborate language. Keep your sentences short and crisp. Remember that you are curating content for your company, not for a novel. Use simpler phrases, simple vocabulary and do away with all the ‘intricate stuff’.


  • No single piece of long text: Break up your content into smaller sections. Use bullets, points, headings and subheadings to retain the attention of the reader. Nobody has the time to go through long paragraphs of text. People need instant information, presented in a systematic manner.
  • Come up with a catchy title: Spend some time thinking about the title. Experiment with two or more titles to see which brings in more readership. Titles are what will make the reader open up your link. Make sure they are not very generic or too long.
  • Keywords are the key: You will have to learn the basics of SEO and keywords if you are serious about writing blogs. Even before you start off with an article, you need to think of the keywords you would choose. This is what Google uses to analyze what is being discussed in your post. There are numerous tools online which would help you with keyword research like SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Google Adwords etc.


  • Write longer articles with quality content: Longer articles rank higher as per BuzzSumo analyses. Usually, articles around 1500- 2000 words seem to do fairly better than smaller articles. However, you must ensure that the 2000 word long write-up is well worth the read. It should be in your subject domain and should stand about among the many articles of the similar kind up on the world wide web.

These are some important things to consider before starting out to write a blog. Of course, you can get your blogs done by a third party franchise, which specializes in this. However, do remember to pay well. Many freelancers who to do blogs are paid a meagre amount, which reflects in their work.