Five Digital Marketing Trends For The Festive Season

  Amidst celebrations, individuals are happy to spend substantially more than they would on regular days. This directly converts into enormous opportunities that brands can explore by strategically redesigning their marketing plans. It is 2020 and the power of social media and the requirement for brands to refocus their strategies through digital means has already been established. Along with the trio of food, fun and family, the festive season also brings fresh trends that brands can explore to give their marketing strategies a boost.

#Discount, discount and More discount

Undoubtedly the primary way to entice customers is through discounts. Although consumers already have a clear buying intent, they will be more inclined towards brands with better offers and maximum discounts. Leading brands like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart have already announced their annual festive sales, almost a month before the festival actually begins. Marketers must closely audit consumer patterns, buyers’ personas, prospective buyers, cart abandoners and purchase signals. They could then use tools like Google in market, Google AdSense, etcetera to remarket to the target audience and may also send customised advertisements to re-lure them.

#People want more? Innovate.

Discounts and sales are a very common incentive used by every brand. Giving your services an innovative twist is the key to being more lucrative. Amazon came up with a special offer whereby festive goers could order last minute items they had overlooked earlier and Amazon promised to deliver it that same weekend with no additional cost. Businesses can also take a step further and turn into part-time bankers to lure in more sales. They can provide financial offers such as EMI’s on expensive purchases like television, laptops; down payment options; buy back options and others. E-commerce businesses like Amazon and Flipkart have accelerated their sales by broadening their payment options.

#Go Local

One way to fuel up your marketing efforts would be by connecting with the audience on a deeper level. A cultural-brand connect is a smart and personalised way to interact with the audience. If you genuinely want to join in the festive celebrations with your audience, it is important to speak their language. Going local and communicating with vernacular content is sure to make a great impact. Pantaloons customised its advertisements for its Bengali viewers- ‘Pujo maanei Pantaloons’. Pantaloons got talking to its consumers with a digital montage capturing a perfect blend of the Pujo sentiment and brand offers.


The festive season is the perfect time for brands to switch up their social media plan. Brands could launch a campaign keeping in mind the celebratory mood and their target audience. They could use appropriate hashtags, run contests and conduct giveaways. Cadbury captured the merry mood in its #BadiFamilyBadiDiwali where the brand encouraged the audience to capture and share moments with their big family and incentivised them with an opportunity to be featured in an outdoor advertisement. Anil Viswanathan, the marketing director commented, “Over the years, Cadbury Celebrations has become synonymous to festivities in India. With an aim to reinstate the joy of gifting, we are encouraging the audience to celebrate festivals and share delightful moments with their loved ones because happiness shared is happiness multiplied.”

#SOS Influencers

Brands may have neglected the impact of social media influencers earlier but they must hop into the bandwagon during the festivities. Partnering with content creators may seem like an overdone trend but the reach capabilities of these influencers is unparalleled. Moreover, getting influencers on board with your campaign can further extend your audience base. HDFC Bank along with its marketing agency Kinnect executed ‘Make Every #WishComeTrue with #HDFCBankFestiveTreats’. With this strategy the brand got in touch with trendsetters on Instagram who were promoting other brands and capitalised on these advertisements. Almost every sponsored ad by Instagram influencers was followed by a HDFC story on how to purchase that product with a HDFC offer. Like the chief marketing officer, Ravi Santhanam said, “An Ad for and ad. This campaign is an ingenious way to create brand affinity and talkability amidst the over-cluttered festive space on digital. All our marketing efforts focus on being native and non-intrusive to users. This campaign did just that through the clever takeover of Instagram through influencers.”

So, is your business ready for the festive season? Following these trends would surely guide your business to build an alluring marketing strategy.

Three Ways To Revive Your Business Amidst COVID

As upsetting as it may sound, it took an entire pandemic for businesses to begin focussing on relationships over social media. Brands have recognized the volatile situation in the post-COVID or post-lockdown scenario where the internet still seems to be the only space not bound to quarantine. “We are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain,” remarked one tech CEO. With no apparent cure to the virus, times may seem hopeless but the new normal brings new opportunities to explore.

  • Recheck your goal

The new normal demands a new course of action. Campaigns that would have otherwise been a hit will probably be a miss now. It is time that brands recheck their goals and create a fresh mindset. An adequate plan to action with steps to resolve and reimagine their business model will not only place businesses in a better position to confront the challenges but also explore the upcoming opportunities. The most favourable move as stated by McKinsey would be, “action over research, and testing over analysis.”

 The most important change that all businesses must incorporate is shifting to e-commerce. This shift was inevitable but the virus has hastened the process. “Every business is now a technology business, and what matters most is a deep understanding of the customer, which is enabled by technology,” remarked a retail CEO. Adaptability is the key and companies must be quick to adapt to the digital platforms and come up with digital solutions. For some retailers, it may mean coming up with a smooth e-business experience, enabling clients to explore, research, purchase, return and avail all other services over the internet. For the aviation industry, it would include enabling safety measure with contactless and possibly online check-in, boarding and other experiences.

  •  Optimism is the Key

It is only natural that in such trying times, people seek positivity and upliftment. More mindfulness and empathy are expected from businesses rather than being insensitive opportunists. One would expect that as opposed to depending on product push strategies, brands will incline toward sympathetic communication. It is unethical to exploit the situation, hoard and sell essential goods. Brands must reach out to their audience and offer clear and systematic method of how the current situation will affect the manner in which they avail your products/services. The easiest channel to address any myths or rumours and communicate supportive words is digital platforms. A number of brands have launched missions to support the ones in need. Offering back to the society is truly a positive development and with social media platforms these charitable acts reach out to a larger base of people. Providing aid in whichever way it relates to your business will surely leave an impact.

Audiences are definitely avoiding anything related to risks, infections and sanitizers. Instead are looking to cheer up with fresh positive content. John Krasinski’s YouTube series ‘Some Good News’ had over 70 million views in mid-May. As the actor himself puts it, “It was so much fun to celebrate good things during this really weird time.” A digital marketing strategy incorporating optimism is sure to go a long way.

  • Create a community

With no social contact, people are desperate to connect with others in any way possible. A digital community allows brands to connect with their consumers on a deeper level. Google trends shows a spike in ‘watch party’ searches since mid-March which further shows people’s desire to connect with each other. Marketers would do well if they can create a community with innovative content. It would generate comforting spirits and overcome the feeling of loneliness during tough times. Statistics by Marketing Dive show that 42% of the millennials are “bored” and looking for content described as “fun”. Marketers must explore innovative ways to engage with the community rather than being a constant reminder of the morose circumstances.

There is an abundance of technological facilities on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Google and LinkedIn that brands can utilise to connect with the audience. Collaborating with popular content creators over these digital platforms has become a popular trend. Many restaurants have come up with virtual cooking classes and tutorials. Sharing recipes and live cooking shows is a wonderful way to engage with the audience. Although gyms have reopened, many are still not willing to enter a gym. This apprehension may continue until a vaccine is developed. However, many fitness institutions have come up virtual training sessions and yoga classes over Zoom.

 In moments of crisis, what genuinely matters becomes clearer- health. Although the economy has started to recover and business operations have already begun, adequate safety measures must be kept in mind which still involves social surveillance. Social media marketing remains effective during this time of crisis and will also remain at the forefront of post COVID. If you are a business unable to cope with the circumstances, now is the best time to hire a professional digital marketing agency.

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10 SEO Tips To Improve Your Small Business

In order to improve your small business, you must understand how important SEO is for your business. With the help of the Google search, you can now well understand about the impact of keyword(s) on improving your small business. The method used for optimizing the search engine ranking keeps on changing. Still, there are keyword concepts which can be used universally to improve your small business. Let us discuss 10 SEO tips which will help you to improve your small business.

Know your target audience

Your target audience is the most important factor in your business. However, it is such a factor which you cannot control. Thus, as the owner of the website, you have to take this very seriously as it is your responsibility to draw more and more audience to your website. The ranking of your website does not depend on the number of keywords you provide, but on the fact that the information that you are providing on your website is satisfying the audience or not. In order to improve the ranking of your website, you must be well aware of the target audience of your website and provide the best possible information to them. This will attract the audience towards your website and help your website to have a better ranking.

Provide genuine information

However small your business is, you must provide your audience with the genuine information. You must not provide any such information which is not true. Providing false information may draw the audience in the initial stage, but in the long run, it will bring down the reputation of your website. Audiences will accuse you of proving with wrong and false information. You must try to be an expert on the topic on which you are providing the information to the audience. You must be attentive to the brand value of your website. In order to do so, you must provide genuine information so that your target audience is satisfied with your website.

Have knowledge about your competitors

If you plan to have a successful business, be it small or large, you must be aware of the other websites which provide the same type of services to the clients. You must be aware of the service charge of the other websites. You must thoroughly know about your competitor’s website to have an idea about what service they provide and what products they sell. You can now be able to provide your clients with either better service or service which is on par with your can take tips from your competitors to improve your SEO ranking.

Have a business blog

If you can provide your customers with high-quality content and information, your customers will be attracted towards your website more often. At very low expense you can engage a blog writer for your website. The blog writer will help you to provide interesting information on your website. Audiences will be visiting your website more often in order to get more interesting information about different topics. A simple blog can help your small business to rank high in Google search.

Tag your website to the blogs

You must not forget to link your website with the blogs that are published in your website. This is because, if you share the blogs in the social medium platform, then the target audience can read the blogs from the social medium platform and on clicking on the link of your website, the audiences can visit your website. This will help you to have more audience visit to your website. The number of audiences visits the website the ranking of the website will also increase in Google search.

Share your blogs on the social media platform

Most of the people nowadays are highly active in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Thus, if you share your blogs on different social media platforms, more people will be able to view your blogs. In addition to this if you link your website to the blogs, then after reading the blogs, people will also visit your website. This will help you to improve your business.

Follow the reviews of the clients

You must never ignore the reviews that the clients provide about your website. The clients’ reviews are actually the best criticism of your website. You can know about the demands and needs of the clients from the reviews. You can also be able to know where your service is lacking from the reviews. On basis of these reviews, you must improve the service that you provide. This will help you to improve your business as well.

Never hesitate to learn from those who are linked to you

You must never shy away from learning anything from anyone. You can learn about more and more information from people who are linked to you. These pieces of information can help you to attract more audiences to your website. If a website constantly links you to their post, you must like the post and try to learn from them. This may help you to post as a guest on their website. You will also be able to learn more from the others and utilize them to improve your website and business.

The speed of loading your website speed must be optimized

The speed at which the page of your website is loaded effects the sale of your business directly. If your website gets loaded quickly, then the clients get satisfied. This helps you to improve your business as the clients tend to visit your website more often.

Be patient

Never expect that you will see the result of using SEO within a short span of time. In fact, it may take months to show results after you have actually utilized the SEO tips to improve your small business. So be patient and do not lose hope quickly.

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Are Chatbots the Future of Digital Marketing?

Chatbots are being hailed as the future of digital and social marketing. Companies all over the world are adopting these virtual assistants into their marketing regimes and for good reason. These little personal assistants can be versatile in nature, starting from managing customer service to analytics. They are efficient, effective and provide round-the-clock support, something which can bring about an instant lift to your business.

Chatbots are nothing but computer programs which mimic human interaction models. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the rapid development of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). If you have not yet included a chatbot for your business development, have a look at these compelling reasons, on why should do so immediately.


Customer Engagement

Many businesses have already started using chatbots inside other chat applications like Messenger. A chatbot can offer all the functionalities which an app can provide, and may even be cheaper. You can interact with the consumer, send him to push notifications regarding new updates, allow it to make payments etc. The customer is likely to respond better to a chat-based form of marketing than a website or app.

Customer Support

Bots can make the whole process of customer service and support fast and robust. Instead of customers holding on to a recorded message on phones waiting for a customer service personnel to come on the line, for a small doubt, a virtual assistant would be very useful. As a customer, asking these doubts to a bot will be faster and more convenient.

Interaction with suppliers

Along with employing a bot for customer interaction, it can automate other areas of work, such as interacting with your suppliers. Chatbots can be trained to perform tasks like assisting with transaction details, answering queries etc to the suppliers. It will save the need for an entire team to separately handle this area.

Use them as an analysis tool

Chatbots can provide a huge amount of data for analyzing customer behaviour. Keep a close look at these metrics in order to draw some conclusions. You may also train your bot to take feedback from your customer, which would add on to the analysis.

Can be implemented across various platforms

Though the majority of chatbots operate via Facebook messenger, they can be implemented across all major platforms like Twitter, WeChat, Slack etc. They can be used where your customers devote the maximum time. Messenger apps today have surpassed social media apps, and it only makes sense to incorporate a chat-based virtual assistant across various apps to maximise customer interaction.

Building and incorporating a chatbot into your digital marketing strategy might seem like a daunting task. However today, with the availability of various platforms have made it easy. In fact, you do not need to be a developer to build a chatbot. Platforms like ChattyPeople, MEOKAY and Botsify are among the most popular choices. There are other platforms as well which help you integrate your bot with messaging platforms. So coder or no-coder, there are numerous resources (some of them are free as well) which can help you build your chatbot.

A chatbot can simplify your tasks enormously. It’s already a month into 2018, and the Chatbot trend is catching on faster than it was predicted. Up your marketing game by incorporating these smart virtual assistants and take a step ahead of your competitors. Thank us later!

7 Hand-picked Digital Marketing Campaigns That Were Savage in 2017

Digital marketing has become a crucial step towards generating leads and promoting the brand among the audience. The past year had witnessed various innovative digital marketing campaigns. Let us have a look at the six of our top picks, below.

Heineken – Worlds Apart

Heineken launched one of the most effective campaigns as of 2017, attracting worldwide acclaim. The 4 and a half minute video demonstrated a social experiment, wherein people were grouped into pairs and each pair was given some furniture to assemble, into a bar counter. Post this, they were shown videos through which it was revealed to them that the person they had been paired with, had vastly contrasting opinions. The feminist had been paired with a man who believed in patriarchy, a climate change denier with an environmentalist and a transgender with a person who did not support this notion. They are then offered an option to walk away or have a discussion over a bottle of beer. All of them choose to do the latter. Though the ending was evident (being an advertising campaign of Heineken beer), the content kept the audience hooked. It had 3 million views, during the first 8 days of its launch and was largely praised for tackling social issues properly, something which the Pepsi ad, launched at the same time, failed to address.

Airbnb – We Accept

Another ad which had the notion of diversity and acceptance, and was a memorable campaign of 2017.The ad depicted faces of people with different nationalities, races and gender, including immigrants, disaster survivors and refugees, along with textual slogans saying  ” No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, you deserve to belong,”  The campaign was a direct attack on Trump’s discriminatory immigration policies which had come to light during the same time.

The New York Times – The truth is hard to find

‘The truth is hard to find’ was a full-fledged campaign to showcase the importance of journalism, in today’s era. There were print ads and various versions of short video ads which targeted the liberal audience. The video ads were a series of photos along with a narration by the photojournalists who captured them. Video ads depict extreme conditions including ISIS bombings and Syrian refugees, depicting the hard work and dedication the journalists put in. Simple, yet very effective the NY Times campaign was an instant hit among the viewers.

Apple – Shot on iPhone

Whether or not you are an Apple lover, you cannot deny the fact that the ‘shot on iPhone’ ad campaigns, made an impact. Among them, ‘The Earth’ ad touched many hearts. With beautiful, high – quality nature-themed photographs, and a narration from the book Pale Blue Dot, this was a reminder of taking our planet more seriously. This was an extremely memorable ad of Apple’s ‘shot on iPhone series’, in the past year.

Worldwide Breast Cancer – Know your lemons

The #KnowYourLemons was a light-hearted campaign which was aimed at spreading awareness about the serious issue of breast cancer. It had a catchy hashtag, and adopted a visual approach, in order to inform women regarding symptoms of breast cancer. The campaign gave women critical information about catching the disease in its early stages, and a common forum at Facebook to discuss issues regarding the same. The pictorial depiction, using a tray of lemons, would even help illiterate women understand the symptoms. This donation campaign became very popular and exceeded their fundraising by 317%.

IKEA – Place

IKEA is an augmented reality brand, which launched an App ‘Place’ utilizing Apple’s ARKit. It lets the user visualize and place furniture in his room ( or any other place), at a real scale. Apart from having some fun placing random furniture here and there, the app actually helped make people sound decisions while buying furniture.The campaign soon became a hit, and the idea appealed to people instantly. IKEA has become one of the leading names in the AR industry, post this ad campaign.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

Looking back at 2017, it is an undeniable fact that Digital Marketing has grown to new heights. Numerous new technologies and emerging social media platforms have contributed to the development of this sector.

With the advent of new and better automation driven technology, availability of more and more data for better analysis, and a further rise in social media platforms we would be looking towards a more customer-centric approach of marketing, in the near future. Here are some of the top trends to look out for in 2018, in the field of Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

AI and ML  have made their presence felt across several domains, in the past year. Tech-savvy marketers can use AI to for predicting customer behaviour based on data collected from various social media sites, blogs and other platforms. Making better predictions regarding customer choice will allow you to target the consumer in a more personalized manner, and make your ads more effective.
It is essential for a digital marketer to learn about and master the various automation tools that are used in advertising. Automation is the future, and incorporating it into your marketing strategies will only yield positive results.



Chatbots are artificial intelligence-based virtual assistants which have become largely popular in today’s digital era. They provide the customer with real-time answers to their queries regarding the product. Chatbots are evolving continuously, courtesy the various machine language and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, which they are based on.  These are a fun way to boost consumer interaction. A chatbot engages, entertains as well as retains customers as well as improve social media presence.


Micro-moments :

We rely heavily on our smartphones for instant information today. We tend to look up what to eat, what to buy, where to go, reflexively on our phones. These are called ‘micro-moments, in which decisions are made at the spur of the moment. It is definitely a field which digital marketers are looking forward to in 2018. Marketers are striving to provide location-specific, relevant user experiences by analysing these micro-moments in depth.

Dark Social

Many times, we share posts or articles privately, i.e not on social media. We copy a URL and send it via messenger apps, or email to others. This is known as Dark Social. These can’t be tracked easily, and are often clubbed together with ‘direct’ traffic by your web analytics team. It is a difficult area to identify and explore, but it holds immense potential. Around 84% of outbound sharing, is done through Dark Social. This is something which should definitely be on the radar of digital marketers in 2018.


Video Marketing

Video content is known to provide the best ROI. Apart from video ads, live streaming has also gained momentum. With video formats becoming popular not only across sites like Facebook and YouTube but also across micro-video sharing websites like Instagram and Dubsmash, it has become a very effective means of targeting young audiences.
It is estimated that video content marketing will continue to grow throughout 2018. Social media marketers should lay special focus on live streaming as well.


Today simple means of content marketing is not enough and customers want a more personalized approach. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc already use personalized recommendations for their customers. These are much more effective than generic emails sent out to all subscribers. With the increase in automation and predictive analysis, personalized content marketing will be on the rise in the coming year.


Get started with advertising on Pinterest

Before you start advertising on Pinterest, keep in mind certain principles which will go a long way in deciding your success and growth.

When you advertise on Pinterest, remember to:

  • Be authentic
    Promote content that expresses who you really are and what you actually offer.
  • Create ads that make you proud 
    Your ads should be some of the best stuff people see on Pinterest.
  • Don’t promote spam or other bad stuff 
    People should be safe from that on Pinterest.
  • Obey applicable laws and regulations 
    Keep it legal and get started with advertising on Pinterest 🙂

Pinterest advertisements are known as Promoted Pins. They are similar to the regular Pins, except that you are charged to promote and publicize them among a bigger audience. Pinterest has three chief kinds of campaigns:

  • Awareness campaigns aim to get your Pins in front of new people who don’t know about your business yet or aren’t interacting with your brand yet.
  • Engagement campaigns seek to encourage Pinterest users to engage with your content by repining or clicking on your Promoted Pins.
  • Traffic campaigns direct visitors or potential clients from your Promoted Pins directly to your website link.

Targeted Audience

Pinterest has methods which help you select your audience in a variety of ways:

  • Interest targeting allows you to target users based on over 400 different interests some of which range from street style, sustainable architecture, clean environment and more.
  • Keyword targeting targets users based on keywords they type in the search box.
  • Business data targeting lets you target existing customers, users who have previously visited your website or a “mirror image” group of people who look and act similar to your existing audience.

There are also options to target users by area, location, language, types of device used, gender and more.


How much you have to pay and how will you be charged will depend on the type of campaigns you want to run. Awareness campaigns are charged by CPM, engagement campaigns by engagement, and traffic campaigns by click.

Pinterest employs a “second-price auction model” for bids on ads. This means you can set a maximum bid that you are willing to pay, but you will only be charged the amount needed to over-take the next-highest bidder. You could be charged as per your maximum bid, but you can also pay less according to the situation.

Procedure for buying

Before you can create an ad on Pinterest, you are required to set up a Pinterest business account. And since you can only publicize Pins you’ve already posted before, you actually have to post the Pin you want to promote before you start the process of buying your ad. Once you have a business account with some Pins posted, you’re ready to buy your first advertisement.

Action 1: Set your goal

From your Pinterest profile, click on the + button and select Create ad—or just go straight to Select what type of campaign you want to create: awareness, engagement, or traffic, then name your campaign, select the start and (optional) end dates, and set your daily budget.

Action 2: Decide on your Promoted Pin

Choose the Pin you want to promote. If you’re not sure, you can use the filters on the Pick a Pin screen to find out which of your Pins have had the most engagement in the last 1 month.

Action 3: Select the audience

On the Add more details screen, you can use the targeting options to choose exactly who will see your Promoted Pin.

Action 4: Set your budget

On the Add more details screen itself enter your maximum bid and daily budget.

Check all the information and then click Next. This will submit your Promoted Pin for review. It may take up to an entire day for your Promoted Pin to be approved.

In the meantime, set up your billing details and get ready for Business!

Why Online Reputation Management Is The Need Of The Hour For Businesses

We are living out our lives more and more on social media as compared to reality. People post literally each and every detail on social media be it travelling to another place, dining out, going shopping, watching a movie and much more such details.

Since we increasingly live out our lives online, we find there can be major downsides to all of the social media oversharing and we have almost no control over what appears on the internet about us. Any person who wants to spoil our status will find few barriers online, effortlessly ruining our reputation. People invest in personality make-over, face and hair make-over and more. It’s time we all invest in an online makeover.

What is Online Reputation Management?

It is the practice of being in charge of what information the person gets to see up when they search you online. It means to discover and clear out any detrimental information about you online, such as negative Google results, hazardous social media updates, and pictures and help you advance positive results which will make you look great in the virtual world.

Why Online Reputation Management is the need of the hour for the businesses - BrandyMyBiz

Why Online Reputation Management Matters?

Your reputation in the virtual world directly bears affect your profession. Negative results popping up online can harm your occupation and impression in the eyes of important people while having an optimistic virtual reputation can lead to better career opportunities. Here are motives why building and supervising your reputation online is essential:

  1. People search for you online and make decisions based on the results. Employers are obligated to look up prospective recruits online during the selection procedure. Literally, millions of names are searched every day on Google. Almost 50% of people find something online which makes them choose not to do business with or not to hire someone.
  2. Any person can write something about you in the virtual world anonymously, irrespective of whether it’s the truth or not. Anyone who is upset with you- an ex, a fired employee, someone you got a bonus over can virtually go anywhere and write negative comments about you. It happens a lot of times and there are a few rules and regulations to guard people against these circumstances.
  3. Each and everything we do is documented online eternally, because of which we need more methods to ensure this doesn’t hurt us. We post excessively online and we now have the means to record and stockpile all that activity. That means everything we upload on social networking sites and everything we look up, websites we visit, online transactions we make and communication we have through email or chat is present somewhere. A Facebook post you wrote years ago may get you fired. Even scarier is, a private image or text you sent to a friend even after being deleted could come back and haunt you. There are hackers who assault the privacy of everyone from public figures on Instagram or Snapchat to politicians contesting elections. But, it isn’t just hackers you need to scared of. Obsolete laws that haven’t developed with technology can make it simpler for people to get the information you thought was confidential or deleted.
  4. Having good results online helps you, but the majority of the people are unaware of this fact. In an ever growing aggressive economy, more and more companies, people and clients are searching for affirmative information regarding you online. However, most people are unaware what they can do to enhance the encouraging results online and build a positive online reputation.

In the era of cyber-bullying, vengeance, hatred sites and insufficient online privacy regulations, people need the control to comprehend and shield their reputation online.

How To Optimise Your Content For SEO

There is a likelihood that you know the potential of business blogging if you have a brand or a business. Here’s how to make your content more search engine friendly. way to optimise your content for seoMany people aren’t able to take complete advantage of the vast advertising capability for their blogs. You can take advantage of the many profits blogging presents, by offering new, significant content and doing vital posts optimisation. Consider these simple search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics to help advance your blog.

  • Explore before you begin.

     For on page optimisation, keyword research is a crucial factor. There is a slight chance you are already incorporating keywords without even apprehending it by simply offering precious content on a topic. Nonetheless, there is a range of devices and procedures for discovering interrelated keywords significant to your blog content that you haven’t even considered. The Adwords Keyword Tool by Google and  provide grand techniques which let you search keywords linked to your title and even keep an eye out on your competitors to see the words and phrases used by them to get traffic on their sites.

  • Place keywords all through your blog.

    After targeting a few important and pertinent keywords, it becomes imperative to use them where they can have the best impact on humans and search engine crawlers reading your content. Target to use them in the listed areas:


               2-Headings and subheadings

               3-Introductory sentence

               4-Concluding paragraph

               5-Anchor text (text hyperlinked to other associated pages)

Beware not to use keywords so excessively that it becomes hard to understand. This will not only annoy your followers but might also get you reprimanded by Google. Few strategically used keywords will do the magic.

  • Images should be optimised.

    When you post a picture on your blog, make sure you incorporate keywords for the filename and keyword rich caption for the photo.

  • Reference others through links.

    Always mention the source/link or reference of the information from other blogs that you’re using. It is considered a good blogging etiquette, and you may also get blessed and get a link back. Good classy links are a priceless service for any site looking to achieve better ranks in search engine results pages.

  • Get readers to follow your blog.

    Include strategically placed subscription or follow buttons and provide viewers with the option to follow your posts via email too. This permits your blog subscribers to stay connected and receive instantaneous notifications of your latest posts without having to regularly see the site for new blogs.

  • Social media can widen the reach of your posts.

    Small businesses should make use of social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc to build relations with prospective and existing subscribers. You can try promoting your blog content on such sites to get increased exposure. Also, free tools like Hootsuite make it trouble-free to post links for your latest content on all of your social networking sites with just a few clicks. You can also schedule your blogs to be posted well ahead of time.

By following these simple SEO tricks, you can achieve higher rankings in SERPS, more web traffic, and higher customer conversion rates.

Tips to Amplify Email Marketing For Your Business

Email marketing does work. It is the foremost tactic for digital marketing, and still is an efficient method to get concrete results to advance your business.

Tips to amplify email marketing for your biz

  1. Keep in mind the behaviour of customers

    Measure your page views, CTRs, conversion rates, basically every facet of your marketing platform online. Analysing email activity will help you comprehend your clients- their deeds, inspirations, needs and preferences. Gear, like the GetResponse for email marketing, lets you assess features of your emails and observe the user interaction. The agenda is to develop your marketing strategies with more accurate and specific targeting.

  2. Perform analysis 

    Evaluating the emails before broadcasting provides you in-depth knowledge about your clients and the way they relate to your emails. You can employ email marketing to ask them directly regarding their needs, thoughts, and beliefs. The email list is an audience completely qualified to steer your advertising or merchandise decisions since it consists exclusively of your customers and probable clients. To assess your business’s congeniality, give out questionnaires about their contentment ranks, concerns and wants, or prospective merchandise ideas — the choices are infinite and will help you build a relationship with your customers.

  3. Embrace social media 

    Don’t only put social media sharing icons in your emails even though they have a good CTR that’s 100% higher as compared to those that do not. But this action alone isn’t worthwhile. You should also combine social media with email marketing in an elegant way and utilise it to get increased customers in your email catalogue. Your social media page should have a “sign up” option or comprise of a “sign up” tab while posting updates. To increase client engagement and stimulate your social followers’ interest give sneak peeks for special email newsletters. Also, you can create email campaigns which will help you increase your subscribers on social networking sites.

  4. Push client commitment 

    Email marketing is highly efficient when it comes to interacting with customers on a one-to-one level. Also, it’s computable, and can be connected with tangible currency rate in terms of sales. Let your ideas and creativity flow through email to connect with your subscribers. Consider way further than merchandise updates, company news, brand news, and such boring email strategies. Try encouraging them to express their views. Create excitement through appealing votes and challenges with tempting prizes. You can also employ pop-quizzes regarding their likes and dislikes which will help you in constructing a better client profile.

  5. Retarget emails derived from client actions 

    Retargeting gives hopeful outcomes in marketing. Even Facebook has started offering retargeted ads. Email retargeting can help you focus on diverse user actions that generate mechanised messages from your end. This could include an unfinished user registration etc. Send your computerised emails as soon as possible and clearly sketch out the deed you want the customer to do. Do not give out freebies in your retargeting emails. Save such offers for the follow-up emails if the previous one does not get a response. Take brave steps through your email message. Keep in mind, it’s free to be trendy on email, but the remunerations of an efficient email marketing campaign can be greater than you could have anticipated.