Facebook Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Haven’t tried marketing on social media yet? It’s time to shift to Facebook marketing, with methods and tricks which will facilitate your Facebook business page develop, gain new followers while remaining engaged with previous customers.

Facebook Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business


  1. Organise a Competition!

    Previously it was mandatory for marketers to employ a third-party application to host FB challenges, however, Facebook in recent times has altered its rules and has started allowing contests to be conducted on Facebook itself. Conducting a bargain or challenge on Facebook has become way simpler and hassle-free!

  2. Focus, Click, YouTube.

    Videos have wild interrelation rates, employ them frequently to grab eyeballs, and positive feedback.

  3. Make it short and snappy.

    Crisp posts are more likely to do as compared to their extended counterparts – it’s suggested that you cut down your words to anywhere between 150 and 300 words to get best possible participation. No one wants to read a book in their News Feed.

  4.  Revise the cover picture.

    Revolutionise your Facebook cover photo to shows people that you are lively and staying relevant. Modernise the cover picture to broadcast/promote an unusual sale or event. It will help get noticed more easily.

  5.  Post regularly and unswervingly.

    As long as the posts are spaced evenly throughout the day, you don’t have to worry about the number of posts. Post more, so that your chances being seen increases. But, keep in mind to pay attention to quality, not quantity.

  6.  Use #tags:

    Facebook has allowed hashtags so put them to use.  Hashtags assist in cataloguing the post’s topic wise, and you can search hashtag words to find out fan interactions you might want to keep up with.

  7.  Pose inquiries!

    Facebook users are keen to voices their opinions. Try including questions or surveys in your posts for attention. Ensure that the questions are simple, people don’t want to fill out forms on Facebook.

  8.  Take part in amusing themed posts:

    Participating in weekly movements like #ThrowbackTuesday, #FlashbackFriday etc and sharing about fun holidays ensures you entertain your fans.

  9.  Post fan-made content.

    Sharing fan-created content is an awesome tactic to boost a sense of belonging to the community. It portrays that you cherish and treasure your fans.  

  10.  Quotes rule.

    Posts containing motivational or life-affirming quotes do very well. For a more added bonus, do a Pinterest-style or WeHeartIt-style image/quote overlay. People are crazy about that stuff! You can also add GIFs.

  11.  Aboard the Meme Train:

    Memes too work on a similar law as quotes, but with auto meme generators they are easier to create. People are obsessed with memes.

  12.  Get users to “vote” or “choose” with the reaction buttons.

    People love to state their views and beliefs on social media. Get them to choose option A or option B or more, with a vote for An as a “Like” and a vote for B with a “Love” and so on with the other reaction options. You’ll get increased engagement and popularity.

With these tips, rest assured your business will reach great heights!

Source- The WordStream Blog

How To Enhance Your Facebook Ad Targeting

Advertising across social networking sites especially on Facebook has become the need of the hour and has unbelievable effective potential that can facilitate in delivering your message to your intended audience. Seize the complete benefit of Facebook advertising options to generate extremely flourishing Facebook ad campaigns.

How to enhance your facebook ad targeting

Gain from unconventional targeting methods

Facebook has a lot of remarkable and distinctive targeting options for FB paid ads which you won’t get anywhere else. You can easily target the public through specifications such as place, age, gender, occupation, relationship position, lingo, literacy levels, income groups and more.

Focus on your desired audience with interest mark

Along with the targeting options stated above, Facebook allows for some far-fetched interest gathering. This offers remarkable significance, and the interest targeting facilities single-handedly can substantiate your utilisation of Facebook advertising.

Befriend new people and pay attention to the old

Start by aiming your Facebook ads specifically to users who are previously linked to your Facebook page and you can opt to target them and their colleagues, or people who are not associated to your page at the moment. (Don’t forget that widening your range may shrink the significance of your audience and charge a bit extra.)

Watch out for your prospective spectators

When you increase and develop targeting options and confine your audience, Facebook will produce an estimated quantity of people you’ll get in touch with. This is only an approximation, but it can help you ensure you’re not targeting way too many people all at once (or too little). Ads can help achieve the best when they’re aimed at least a few hundred people, so think about eliminating various constraints if your audience rate is declining beneath this.

Focus on your target with more sorting

In case you have only some specifications gathered, resort to the addition of related topics under the “More Categories” sector. Then you’ll come across options for narrowing your audience even further – select users of a specific area, or of specific age group, people who have had a birthday recently, who post a lot on Facebook, etc.

how to enhance your facebook ad targeting

Need more customers for your shops?

Strive to target people who reside in your neighbouring areas and locality. Combine this with Facebook Deals and other offers which can be cashed in at stores and just notice just how much more customers you can gain just by being social and friendly.

Link your mailing catalogue to Facebook

In case you prefer and want to build upon on hand leads, you can try by adding a convention audience and connecting your mailing list straight away to Facebook, which will further allow you to aim at users you already have a relationship with beforehand. Acquiring benefits from the norm audience aspect can frequently boost ad conversion rates. Try uploading a mailing list or connecting directly through the MailChimp. Simply click on “Create New Audience” in the Audience segment.

Resort to these suggestions for great results!

Decoding the Basics of Facebook Advertising!

Not marketing your business on Facebook yet? Then, Hurry! Cause you are missing out on so much!

These days, the world revolves around technology and social media. People are ordering literally everything, from basic commodities to clothes, to electronics and more online. Hence social media marketing and advertising have become a necessity, it’s just not an option anymore.

In case you haven’t started marketing on social media yet, it’s high time you get started.

  1. Start with planned targets. 

Do you yearn for increased web page views? Additional Facebook likes? More shares? More fan following? Every one of these aspects has its individual worth, so select your core purpose before you start. The type of Facebook ad you select will build upon what you are attempting to promote. Facebook’s latest advertising format helps you to select ad formats focused on your central objective.

  1. Where to begin?

 Try initially with the likes/follows for your page goal – you will foster your viewers and promote it so that people take an interest and follow your page. Increased likes and follows ensure you seem popular, which persuades people to like you further. Suppose you get 100 likes, looking at that you can achieve a 100 more– it’s a better alternative instead of paying for social networking sites followers.

  1. Give Deals on Facebook to grab the spotlight!

Facebook offers work in accord with the Google’s Suggestion Ad-on. It lets you endorse a deal solely to Facebook clients. Attempt using a scheme to bargain gifts and prizes –maybe a voucher or bitcoins – in return for an email id and account. Or give a coupon or concession to be traded in at some online store. It’s suggested that you aim for your primary Facebook Deal just for your
followers. If this ends up fit, work forward to expand your horizon to bigger viewers.

  1. Generate downloads for the mobile app. 

Since literally all of the Facebook activity is being performed on mobile phones, Facebook is a smart choice for mobile system creators hoping to advance their design.

  1. Give a lucid and upfront call for action. 

Embrace a message to take action in your message of the Facebook paid ad to push users to obtain your preferred action.

  1. Utilize your Facebook ads to draw attention to special promotions.

Paid Facebook ads can also be employed to focus on your newest promotions and sale episodes.

  1. Create a Facebook ad without a Facebook page. 

You can build an ad for a network by choosing the Clicks to Website goal or the Website Conversions goal. Keep in mind that Facebook ads not associated with a Facebook page will pop up utterly in the right-hand-side, and not in the News Feed.

  1. Activate sponsored stories as an add-on. 

Once a person connects with your Facebook page, or any event, etc. the act generates Facebook posts, or “stories,” that the user’s friends may then see in their News Feed. These “stories” are generated by themselves but are many a time masked in the News Feed. Selecting sponsored stories fundamentally leads to shelling out more to boost the possibility in order for these stories to be viewed. You can choose in or out of sponsored stories on the left side of the ad creator instrument.

  1. Modify the ad title. 

While advancing a Facebook page, the obvious step is for your ad headline to be identical to your page’s title. In its place, create your personal customized ad headline to make it extra appealing. Apart from your display picture selection, the headline is the foremost ways your ad will create a buzz.

  1. Facebook ads can achieve a lot. 

Using Facebook for promoting can help you advertise and publicize a page, app, and also an occasion! Take into account and consider all your choices.

Follow these tips and you’re set!

Source: The WordStream Blog

Top 7 Tricks To Make Your Content Go Viral

Top 7 Tricks To Make Your Content Viral - BrandyMyBiz

Any piece of media that becomes crazily trendy creates all the rage and generates thousands of views, likes, comments and shares overnight is known as viral content. It begins to assist you just as a charm bracelet or a lucky gemstone does since your brand gets heightened exposure and reaches a whole new level of population that you couldn’t even fathom. If you’re looking to create a buzz for your business or if you just want to become popular and achieve your own sixty seconds of fame, keep scrolling.  

  • Make it short and crisp

The enormous mass of viral content is short and to the point. Videos tend to range from around 30 seconds to one minute. Anything lengthy and you might lose your grasp and your audience. The same rule applies to blogs. People have short attentions spans and lose interest real quick so make it straightforward for them with to-the-point engrossing content along with using pictures, bullet points and subheadings or subtopics.

  • Make it relatable

People tend to love books and movies where they can identify themselves with the characters. The same thing holds true for blogs. If people can relate to it and apply it in their own lives, they are much more likely to discuss it with others. When something is special to someone, they will share it with their family and friends.

  • Make it genuine

Most people avoid videos or blogs that appear unrealistic, unachievable or overdone.  They must have an authentic feel. A simple “how to” guide, “Tips”, “points to keep in mind”, “look-book” etc is a good example, and video bloopers of behind the scenes or edited scenes of an exciting event is also a great example.

  • Be interactive

People prefer and love content which they can discuss and express their opinion about, and the more interactive your content is, the more likely it is to get public and promoted.

Interactive content such as quizzes, questionnaires, give your views, surveys are a phenomenal means to achieve this.

  • Give it a gripping title

With such vast amount of content available today, it is imperative to make an amazing first impression, or you’ll end up being sidelined.

Ensure that your title/heading catchy, appealing and inquisitive. Always ask yourself the question “Would I connect to this topic?” or “Do I really want to know?” or “Is this beneficial for me?” etc.

Top 7 Tricks To Make Your Content Go Viral

  • Choose your topic carefully

Keep in mind the content of your Blog, Post, Tweet, a Facebook share isn’t something that people would think about twice before discussing it with their friends & acquaintances.  Remember that when people hit “send” they are setting their reputation and status on the line by sharing it with family and friends.

  • Use lists and images

There is something about lists and images which are really appealing and alluring. The majority of the people just love lists and images. Usage of attractive pictures helps in conveying the message better and a huge percentage of the population are in favour of audio-visual messages and learning.

Also, if you want your content to go viral, make sure you have posted high-resolution images to grab your viewer’s attention and a comments section to get them interested and engaged.

Follow these tips and You’re good to go!

Happy Blogging!

To Resist Or Persist Attribution?

Leads and conversion on our websites are golden, so to whom do you attribute these little nuggets of gold? 

Last touch?  First Touch (if you could ever know what that is)…. One day? Seven Days? Last Year? Or do you abdicate your own POV to Google?

After all Google Analytics is easy to sell internally to cross-functional peers. Unless your communication plan is exclusively through Google – Google analytics attribution will not be enough.

Historically marketers have not been known as analytical numbers folks. However, as our craft has gone digital we can now attribute very crisp returns on our investments and evolve from an expense line on the P&L to a profit center. However, there is still an art to the math. Since consumers do not live in one “channel” of communication, we cannot attribute a single channel of communication for all the site traffic or sales. This leaves us the responsibility of creating unique attribution models appropriate to specific campaigns.

For example, You launch a new product on the Rachel Ray show. During the show, you tweet to your followers big thanks to Rachel Rayfor supporting your launch. Your site has been optimized so that search will bring your product up to the top of the search organically, as well as, sponsored search to be guarantee first position.  Pinterest has boards showing all the uses of this product and is now trending. Facebook live video aired from the Rachel Ray green room by your social media manager. There are also several affiliate marketing sites supporting your product launch. Who do you attribute the site visits and sales this week when you report back into the cross-functional team about the amazing success of your first week in the market?

brandymybiz - persist or resist attribution

Here is where persistence versus resistance is critical to maximizing the success of your product launch. Not every communication vehicle will be equally valuable, and this is where the real art of our craft begins. What do you dial up and what do you dial back? Persistent marketers will immediately start playing with the dials and watch daily, weekly and monthly impacts of all your channels to see where traffic and engagement are active. There is also a need to believe in your gut and if one channel is suffering, don’t assume it is the channel but more likely your execution in that channel. Test different target definitions. Test different content.

Be authentic to the channels and don’t be lazy with the same content plastered on all channels. “Consumer Speak” search terms are rarely a headline for a social post, so I’m sure you aren’t mixing those two, right?
Be persistent with our communication craft and take the attribution data from all the different channels not as a go/no go directive, but as a gauge for changing the dials to optimize and keep the traffic coming and converting.

Rebecca Fretty

President & CMO, PinkImperfection