Social Media Marketing & COVID19!

Unless you are living under a rock, you already know about COVID. With physical contact not being an option to socialize, the only mode of communication that is left is social media. The Akamai reports show a 30% increase in global internet usage. Although the lockdown has been lifted in most of the countries around the world, statistics show that we are still spending more time on social media as compared to the beginning of 2020. As mentioned in Forbes by Kathleen Bisset, social media director at SSPR, “Social advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, and becomes easier by the day with social platforms’ ever-evolving targeting abilities.” The pandemic has made all advertisers re-evaluate the sort of campaigns that they run.

Problem? WhatsApp.

Social media has come to the frontline as the major platform for customer communication and building relationships with the customers. In the situation of lockdown and even post lockdown when face to face interactions is still risky, it becomes a major hindrance for companies to provide assistance to their consumers. Samsung came through by providing customer support, tracking and repairing services over WhatsApp. Moreover, it came up with various online consultancies and solved approximately 70,000 queries.

Do you still stream offline?

One of the major changes that is expected in the future is the decline in pay-tv advertisements. With the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, television consumption is declining at a rapid rate. Netflix got 16 million fresh registrations, which is nearly twice as much as it had seen towards the end of 2019. On the other hand, India’s leading pay-tv service Tata sky lost 15 lakh users. It is evident that the future of pay- tv is jeopardised. Along with this, tv style advertising may also be in jeopardy but it is far from being extinct since most of these offline tv channels are shifting online, the most recent and popular is Zee5.

Just do it right

Undoubtedly the sales of many companies have reduced. However, companies have tried to maintain their image through social media. Nike took the lead here when it made its Nike Training Club free for all users. The application which previously costed approximately 120 dollars per annum was made completely free to all under Nike’s “play inside, play for the world” advertisement. Nike gained 25 million new members and half of these have converted to customers accelerating its online sales. As Heidi O’Neill, President of Nike’s Marketplace, says “converting sweats to sales”. Although it does not cover Nike’s usual sales, it definitely builds a relationship that will boost future growth. Nike didn’t just do it, it did it right.

Influence with Influencers

 The best way to engage with the maximum number of users is through social media influencers. These content creators have strong bonds with their followers and majorly impact the buying decisions of the viewers. The effort of developing a devoted base of followers is already been done by these influencers and brands can directly take advantage of it. About two-third of advertisers have increased their spending on promotion through influencers. E-commerce, fashion, beauty, gaming and lifestyle industries have all collaborated with creators to market their products or services. Instagram has proven to be the most influential channel during this pandemic where over 1 billion sponsored posts are shared by millions of influencers. Covid-19 has made influencers even more influential.

Freelancer: to be or not to be

With millions unemployed around the world, freelancing has become popular. Since mid-March, Upwork, an American freelancing platform, has seen 50% jump in new registrations. However, spurt in freelancers has also led to decrease in charges. Moreover, many businesses have tried to cut down their expenses by cutting off freelancers or putting a hold to their contract. After surveying 1000 freelancers, Payoneer reports stated almost 32% have said that work has declined, 23% said it has remained the same and 17% said demand has risen. The same survey reports show that 53% are optimistic that demand will increase in the future especially when remote work is favoured.

Times are difficult and businesses are not doing very well. However, social media marketing is definitely the tool to help you pick up the rubbles and rebuild something stronger and better.

12 Important SEO Trends In 2018

You must not hesitate to take the advantage of SEO strategies for your website, social media pages, and blogs. This helps you in increasing the rank of your business in the internet search. SEO ensures you that your clients can find you easily and buy your products without any hassle. SEO is a simple way which with gradual evolution helps your website to stand out from the rest. Every year new SEO trends come up, which gives your business an edge. Thus, let us discuss what are the SEO trends of 2018 which will help you to grow your business.

Voice search  

This is the newest trend in SEO. In this process, the answers to the contents will be received in a conversational tone. Nowadays content creation does not solely depend on the keyword search. Rather, a topic is used to search about a content. Search engines answer the questions and receive the information about a topic as a whole.

Useful content that is link worthy

In 2018, the success of SEO will depend on engagement. Nowadays, it is the trend to create content that answers questions that are relevant to your website. This provides important information. Another important area is the Schema. This will remain the as a focal point for achieving results in online search.

Links that are secure

Google had announced that the ranking of the website depends on the secured website certificates. There are browsers such as Chrome which flag sites that do not start with HTTPS as it is unsafe. This is the easiest and the least costly way which will help to boost the SEO ranking of your website in 2018.

The Intent of the searcher

Google focuses on matching the searcher’s unique intent to search result. This directly impacts the SEO ranking. SEO ranking is no longer only dependent on keywords and other traditional factors. The SEO ranking is not limited to the content of the first page of the website.

Subdirectory versus subdomain

Nowadays blogs are mostly migrated to subdirectory from a subdomain from the root domain. This helps you to increase the domain authority. It is important not to have benefited from visibility for the high-level domains. These are mentioned in blogs that are published recently.

Video-based SEO

It is assumed that by the end of 2021 internet will be crowded with video. This means in the upcoming years, videos will become much more popular than any other form of content. Thus, your video related to the business will be searched more by the audiences than it is now. In this way video based SEO is becoming more popular day by day.

Battle of the information

Google SERP features have changed and have been expanded. Thus, now you should aim for featuring your clients with various information. In addition to this, you must also try to achieve page one and top three ranking.

Elaborate contents which are SEO rich

Audiences are now more inclined to contents which are elaborate and rich in SEO. Researches have shown that the pages which have elaborate content are drawing the attention of the audiences more than those which contains less information. Audiences also stay in these pages more. You must try to provide topics and information on subjects that are evergreen and can be read by all age group.

Use of Social Media

Social media is not a new factor to anyone. In fact, most of the people are aware of social media platforms. Still, you must know that if a content is published on the social media platform, it draws the attention of more audiences. When this is being reposted or shared again on the social media platform, it becomes more popular in the Google search. Thus, it is suggested that you hire a person for social media updates to increase the ranking of your business in the internet search.

Speed to load your page

The ranking of your page in Google search depends largely on the speed of loading the page. The more quickly the page is being loaded, the more audiences visit the site. They even stay in the site for a longer time if it takes less time to load the pages as they can utilize less time to browse more pages.

Mobile friendly site

You must try to create the website in such a way that in addition to the desktop it can be visited by the use of mobile phones. People are so busy nowadays that they try to visit the websites on the go with the use of mobile phones. These type of websites and contents which can be viewed both from desktops and mobile phones are gaining popularity among the audiences.

Increases use of smart devices

People are using smartphones, smartwatches, and other smart devices. In addition to this other smart devices are conquering the market where the audiences can direct the devices to help them search the content with just a verbal command. In this situation, you must provide content which can be searched easily by these smart devices.

Wrapping Up

With the passage of time, the SEO trends are gradually changing. Thus, you must be aware of these trends so that your content does not fall behind in the world of competition.