10 Basic SEO Tips To Make Your Blogs Rank Higher

Your own domain and host-site is a Must.                       

Beginners must be aware that you require your individual domain and hosting. Free blog sites don’t provide any support for your SEO endeavours. It is speculated that if you truly are solemn regarding your website you should get your independent name and host it yourself. Google seeks to point out websites which it deems committed and responsible.

10 basic seo tips to make your blogs rank higher

Help people with unique matter                                              

Google’s main aim is to offer their users with significant and relevant answers. All they do is based on this principle. An essential aspect you can achieve for your SEO is to generate massively helpful material that resolves people’s troubles. If you are providing people with solutions they are looking for then it is probable that you will get promoted on social media and be placed by Google. You can start by escalating into Photos, Videos and Podcasts.
The basic idea is to connect to your readers. This will lead to better outcomes on the search engine rankings positions.

Create appropriate backlinks naturally                                           

When a different website links back to your site from their website, it is known as a backlink. Few points to consider: Don’t buy them, the foundation matters, and the anchor words matter.

Ensure your idea is SEO optimised                          

Optimizing the theme is crucial since it indicates to Google that your site is reliable. It enables Google to locate your content. You can also include Mobile responsiveness, fast loading and that the theme is original.
A freshly extended and new site provides loads of other advantages. A good premeditated idea is essential to promote your brand. The distinction between you and other competitions is also necessary.

Secure your permalink configuration                                             

Through permalinks, people can find your blog along with other associated posts. Remember don’t alter the previous permalinks since any backlinks you previously had will be detached. Just create fresh ones.

Comment on other blogs                                                                     

This helps you in getting increased traffic, heightened exposure and form new relationships. It acts as a backlink.

Attach a sitemap                                                                                       

Installing a Google Sitemap plug-in shows a full outlay of each one of your blogs, pages and records. It’s like providing them with a map for the site so they can look up stuff better.

Update your profiles on social media.                             

Google looks to social media as a symbol of an article’s prominence and significance.

When hundreds of people are posting about what you have blogged about then it must be pretty good. The top trick to get likes is to develop a fan base and write trendy content which they will look forward to promoting. Also the more blogs you promote of other people the more likely they are to forward your content. You can give a favour and you’ll receive one later.

Utilise SEO plug-ins     

There are a lot of WordPress plug-ins which you should install to facilitate your SEO process.

Embrace SEOmoz   

The best possible source for SEO relevant material is at MOZ. Though the material on their posts may be a bit difficult to start with, with time you will gradually begin to get inspirations regarding trends, schemes and best methods. Even checking out the blogs every month and reading two or three articles found to increase your knowledge of SEO.

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Top 7 Tricks To Make Your Content Go Viral

Top 7 Tricks To Make Your Content Viral - BrandyMyBiz

Any piece of media that becomes crazily trendy creates all the rage and generates thousands of views, likes, comments and shares overnight is known as viral content. It begins to assist you just as a charm bracelet or a lucky gemstone does since your brand gets heightened exposure and reaches a whole new level of population that you couldn’t even fathom. If you’re looking to create a buzz for your business or if you just want to become popular and achieve your own sixty seconds of fame, keep scrolling.  

  • Make it short and crisp

The enormous mass of viral content is short and to the point. Videos tend to range from around 30 seconds to one minute. Anything lengthy and you might lose your grasp and your audience. The same rule applies to blogs. People have short attentions spans and lose interest real quick so make it straightforward for them with to-the-point engrossing content along with using pictures, bullet points and subheadings or subtopics.

  • Make it relatable

People tend to love books and movies where they can identify themselves with the characters. The same thing holds true for blogs. If people can relate to it and apply it in their own lives, they are much more likely to discuss it with others. When something is special to someone, they will share it with their family and friends.

  • Make it genuine

Most people avoid videos or blogs that appear unrealistic, unachievable or overdone.  They must have an authentic feel. A simple “how to” guide, “Tips”, “points to keep in mind”, “look-book” etc is a good example, and video bloopers of behind the scenes or edited scenes of an exciting event is also a great example.

  • Be interactive

People prefer and love content which they can discuss and express their opinion about, and the more interactive your content is, the more likely it is to get public and promoted.

Interactive content such as quizzes, questionnaires, give your views, surveys are a phenomenal means to achieve this.

  • Give it a gripping title

With such vast amount of content available today, it is imperative to make an amazing first impression, or you’ll end up being sidelined.

Ensure that your title/heading catchy, appealing and inquisitive. Always ask yourself the question “Would I connect to this topic?” or “Do I really want to know?” or “Is this beneficial for me?” etc.

Top 7 Tricks To Make Your Content Go Viral

  • Choose your topic carefully

Keep in mind the content of your Blog, Post, Tweet, a Facebook share isn’t something that people would think about twice before discussing it with their friends & acquaintances.  Remember that when people hit “send” they are setting their reputation and status on the line by sharing it with family and friends.

  • Use lists and images

There is something about lists and images which are really appealing and alluring. The majority of the people just love lists and images. Usage of attractive pictures helps in conveying the message better and a huge percentage of the population are in favour of audio-visual messages and learning.

Also, if you want your content to go viral, make sure you have posted high-resolution images to grab your viewer’s attention and a comments section to get them interested and engaged.

Follow these tips and You’re good to go!

Happy Blogging!