Decoding the Basics of Advertising on LinkedIn

Ever heard of advertising on LinkedIn? If not, give this a read to expand your business or brand by promoting on social media sites and even on LinkedIn which can help you get access and target more employees as well as customers.

There are several types of ads on LinkedIn:

  • Dynamic ads: Such ads pop-up on the right hand-side column, and include display ad unit formats.
  • Display ads: Content is shared within a limited audience.
  • Sponsored content: such content appears in the LinkedIn home-pages of your selected group.
  • Text ads: Such ads are based on texts and show on the right column of the device.
  • Sponsored In Mail: Distributes content which is sponsored directly to user inboxes on LinkedIn.

Target Group

Unlike selecting audience on social networking sites, targeting on LinkedIn is especially beneficial for employees and staff- and industry-specific targeting. There are options for selecting the specific type of people you wish to cater the ad to, according to the industry they are a part of, their work profile and experience, where they work, how successful their employer is and more. Because of this, advertising on LinkedIn is exceptionally effectual for B2B marketing and career and job-associated advertisements.

If the target group you select is either huge or too tiny it may not function well, so check group targeting with a few ads to select one most suitable for you.


Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn gives you the option to select whether to pay based on the cost-per-click (CPC) method or by every 1,000 impressions. But, LinkedIn has set the least budget of $10 on a daily basis for each campaign. There are also minimum bids for CPC text ads ($2 per click) and CPM text ads ($2 per 1,000 impressions). Specific Content bids will differ according to the audience you select.

It’s essential that you sincerely think about your goal along with these minimum bids options when creating ads on LinkedIn. These ads ought to be company-focused and career-oriented since Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer way low-priced substitutes for content marketing. Experiment a few LinkedIn ads and check if the cost is worth it for your company and industry.

How to buy

The procedure will differ a bit based on the nature of ad you want to use. Let’s focus on ads based on text since they are the easiest and least costly way to get started.

Action 1: Design a new ad

On your LinkedIn home page, linger over the Business Services tab at the top right and select advertise, then scroll down to the bottom and click Create Ad. Then, choose the kind of ad to make. If you don’t have a Company page yet, you’ll be restricted to Text ads.

Action 2: Make your ad

Pick where to connect your ad to, and then include a tiny icon alongside the title and copy. The ad can be previewed in diverse layouts on the right-hand side of the page.

Action 3: Select your target group

Opt for your desired audience by trade, industry, company type, work profile, and more.

Action 4: Financial plan

Decide on your daily funds along with bids, from the options involving paying for clicks or by impressions.

In case you haven’t developed an ad previously, conclude by giving your payment method along with the required bank details. Then evaluate the advertisement and commence your campaign.

With LinkedIn advertising and it’s great targeting methods, get more staff members or employees for your company more easily and in a short duration without wasting time and resources.