Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

If you haven’t started advertising on social media yet, it’s high time to start and reap the benefits.

Marketing on Twitter will help you speed up the process to get increased customers and subscribers for your business or brand and reach new heights on a professional front. Similarly to other social networking sites, Twitter too has diverse types of advertisements.

They are known as:

  • Promoted Tweets– These are tweets that show-up directly on the homepage of the Twitter subscribers you select as your audience at a particular time.
  • Promoted Account– This is an advertisement which attracts selected Twitter subscribers to track your business or brand.
  • Promoted Trends– Trending issues on Twitter are the most popular topics on the social media, which appear on the left-hand-side of the page.  This allows you to place your wanted story at the top of that listing on people’s timelines.

Advertisements on Twitter can also be categorized on the basis of your campaign intent:

  • To get more website clicks and conversions, you can advertise Tweets and messages to audiences you have targeted to check-out and be active on your website. For this, you’ll be charged per click.
  • To get increased Tweet engagements, Tweets can be promoted with the objective of initiating talks about your business or brand. For this, you will just get charged for the opening engagement.
  • To gain more followers, you can publicize and broadcast your Twitter account and you will just be charged per follower you get.
  • To promote awareness campaigns, you can broadcast your messages to a wider audience and you will get charged for impressions (CPM).
  • To increase video views of your campaigns, you can advertise your videos to a targeted group of people and you will get charged per view on the video.
  • For app installs or re-engagement campaigns, you can promote your Tweets and pay for each app installed.
  • To get more subscribers through lead generation strategies, you can publicize and advance Tweets of the campaign and pay per lead you get.

Target Audience

Twitter specifically lets you do high-level audience selection on the basis of location-country, city, region, metro area, or postal code, gender, languages, age and more.

More specific targeting options also let you choose your audience by the keywords they Tweet and type in, their interests and hobbies, the specific TV series and music, books and movies they Tweet about, and their curiosity in certain events and incidents.

You can also upload certain records or directory of people to target through ads, or find people alike to your followers and subscribers.


The costing of advertisements on Twitter depends on the type of ad you have selected. Promoted Tweets and accounts can cost you anywhere around $6 to $10 or more on the basis of the number of video views, link clicks, follows, etc you get. Promoted Trends have been reported to cost around $100,000 per day.

The key here is to test your ads to determine their worth. Launching a few small campaigns with a little budget to find out which goal is perfect for you and the audience and your budget is deemed necessary. For engagement campaigns, Twitter only charges when a follower finishes the action set out in your task agenda, so all of these campaigns will provide some valuable knowledge.

Steps to buy

After you log into the Twitter ads platform and add your billing details, buying Twitter ads is an easy procedure.

Action 1: Create the campaign

Select your goal and click Create Campaign to go to the ad campaign screen. After that, name your campaign, and select whether to start the campaign immediately or opt for beginning and ending dates.

Action 2: Select the audience

Choose from among Twitter’s vast targeting measures. It provides a projected audience range to guide you better.

Action 3: Set the financial plan

You can set daily maximum and total campaign finances. Twitter halts promoting your ads once you reach your maximum budget, so you don’t have to manually finish campaigns to steer clear of paying extra.

Action 4: Opt for your creative

Twitter will show you an existing list of eligible Tweets to publicize, or you can make new ones.

Hope you have a great day ahead 🙂